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Bielefeld, Germany

  • One of the largest and most cutting-edge pediatric clinics in Germany
  • High Safety and Hygiene Requirements in Critical Infrastructure
  • Cross-facility building and room automation and fire protection solution through Kieback&Peter Qanteon BMS
  • Three technology centers, six automation focal points
  • 30 switch cabinet fields, 9 DDC4000e units as top-hat rail controllers, 150 input and output modules, and 1500 physical and 1000 communication data points
  • Sterile ventilation controlled via low-turbulence displacement flow ceilings in the operating rooms
  • Fire protection dampers controlled via Agnosys protocol (ring bus system with BACnet interfaces), 220 Agnosys fire damper modules and 6 fire damper bus controllers

More information about the reference Bethel's children center

Nordhessen Arena

Kassel, Germany

  • General refurbishment and renaming of the approximately 50-year-old Eissporthalle Kassel to Nordhessen Arena in 2023
  • Further development of the ice stadium into a multifunctional arena for up to 6,100 visitors
  • Digital linking of all connected systems with the central analysis and monitoring software Qanteon
  • Digital networking of all building systems for heating, cooling, power, ventilation, shading and electric car management in a central, holistic automation solution
  • Integration of 1,500 physical data points into four automation focal points (ASPs)
  • Networking of currently ten controllers of the type DDC4040E
  • System integration via the bus protocols BACnet IP, Modbus IP, Modbus RS485, M-Bus, KNX

More information about the reference Nordhessen Arena


Madrid, Spain

  • Real estate owner in Madrid owning more than 200.000 m2 of surface
  • Integration of a remote solution to host the Energy Management System (EMS)
  • For LaFinca, Qanteon CS is a very powerful tool that helps them in the management and handling of its buildings
  • Ensuring a smooth operation of the facilities and preventing potential risks

Gifhorner Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft

Gifhorn, Germany

  • The Gifhorner Wohnungsbau-Genossenschaft (GWG) has set itself the goal of reducing the CO emissions of its housing stock by around 20 percent
  • 105 properties with central heat generation systems are part of the GWG portfolio
  • Kieback&Peter's CO₂ reduction roadmap has significantly reduced the consumption of primary energy
  • The use of Qanteon CS enables targets such as CO₂ reduction and energy savings to be achieved in the short term
  • Among other things, Qanteon CS provides information on whether it is possible to switch to an alternative energy source such as a heat pump or district heating

More information about the reference Gifhorner Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft



Daimler AG, Peking, China

  • Bundling of BMS and EMS in one Qanteon software solution
  • Assistance with the implementation of the environmental management standard ISO 14001
  • DDC4000 automation stations are used to control and record
  • Individual room control using technolon room controller
  • Smart heating control via en:key – with no batteries and cables
  • Integration of other systems and manufacturers via EnOcean and LON

More information about the reference Mercedes-Benz Motor Plant


Dortmund, Germany

  • Qanteon comes with integrated SMS fault message forwarding
  • Around 1,600 data points are recorded
  • DDC4200 and DDC4002 technology can be integrated at field level

More information about the reference Dortmund City Theater


Rostock Port, Warnemünde, Germany

  • Energy savings and maximum comfort: Needs-based control of the ventilation system using the DDC4000 automation system with Qanteon
  • DDC4040e controls the provision, distribution and preparation of air, water, heat and cooling resources from seven information centers
  • Global standard BACnet used for communication at the management and automation levels
  • 700 physical data points

More information about the Warnemünde Cruise Center