Where energy management meets
 intelligent building management

Operate your building safely and efficiently: the unique Qanteon software combines building and energy management in one system (BEMS). Qanteon can be conveniently operated via all common browsers, whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device. You have the choice between a stationary solution and a cloud solution. In a nutshell: we have the right Qanteon model for you – one system, many possibilities.

At a glance: The BEMS Qanteon

The integrated building and energy management system (BEMS) Qanteon ensures maximum efficiency and long-term value retention for your property. Benefit from the entire range of functions and advantages of Qanteon – whether stationary or as a cloud solution.

Energy efficiency, smart regulation

Specific tools for greater energy efficiency: Qanteon offers consumption analyses, cost and emission evaluations, comparison with other buildings, energy signature, heat map and trend curves. This makes it easy to create KPIs and realistic references.

Optimised data security – automated backups

Qanteon was developed as a client/server system using cutting-edge technologies. Secured protocols are standard in all relevant segments of building management. Automatic backups also ensure optimal data security on a daily basis without any work or administrative effort on your end.

Scalable for all building types and users

Qanteon is scalable for all types of building and enables the integration of building systems across trades. All functions are customizable in terms of the user interface and IT infrastructure.

Software that is fun to operate

Qanteon improves your decision making skills: creating different user profiles, managing individual dashboards, operation via all common browsers – this is how the system enables transparency and user-friendly operation.

Certified and ready for smart buildings

Qanteon is the first BEMS software to pass the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) test based on revision 1.20 as a BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS). Qanteon is also certified by TÜV for energy management according to ISO 50001.

One software.
For every need, for every demand

Specialist planner

The certified and open Qanteon system allows the integration of cross-trade building systems and adaptation to all building types. This allows you to realise consistent efficiency for all building types. 

Facility manager

For complete control over your building, you will find all important information at a glance: Quanteon is easy to use and provides you with exactly the information you need – with no data overload. 


Maximise your return on investment with energy-efficient operation and long-term value retention for your building – Qanteon provides you with significant support. 

Energy manager

Identify energy saving potentials with the help of Qanteon via consumption analyses: this allows you to reduce the building’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

IT manager

Qanteon can be ideally adapted to existing infrastructures, thus serving as a future-proof solution that fully complies with your IT security standards. 

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You drive your core business –
we take care of operation

The Kieback&Peter experts operate and maintain QANTEON CS for you. They ensure a high level of availability and data security while making sure that your Qanteon is always up to date with the latest software. This means you benefit from costs that can be planned evenly. In addition, cloud computing is more energy-efficient than local solutions and also reduces CO2 emissions. It almost doesn’t get any more forward-looking than this.


Host the integrated building and energy management system yourself

  • Full functionality: building and energy management in one system
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 50001 and BACnet BTL 1.20
  • Simple operation on all end devices via the browser
  • One-off investment costs

Qanteon CS

Qanteon as a cloud solution: The integrated building and energy management system is available as a subscription model

  • Full functionality: Building and energy management in one system
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 50001 and BACnet BTL 1.20
  • Simple operation on all end devices via the browser
  • Regular, automatic software updates
  • Security: daily automated data backups
  • Flexible billing periods
  • Sustainability: Reduction of CO₂ emissions through cloud computing.

A better world begins
with software for the future

Create a smart building with Qanteon

Qanteon brings sustainability to your building

  • Qanteon can be used as a digital hub for IoT applications
  • Convenient, secure and innovative operation with Qanteon CS (Cloud Solution)
  • Network all technical and energy-related building data
  • Ensure economic building operation
  • Enable high system availability
  • Optimize energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions for greater sustainability

Qanteon is suitable for the following systems:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Shading
  • Fire protection

Qanteon supports the following protocols natively:

  • BACnet
  • LON

Qanteon has received the following certificates:

  • B-AWS
  • ISO 50001
  • Compliant with the requirements of the Energy Services Act (EDL-G)

Best references –
Qanteon is already being used here


Daimler AG, Peking, China

  • Bundling of BMS and EMS in one Qanteon software solution
  • Assistance with the implementation of the environmental management standard ISO 14001
  • DDC4000 automation stations are used to control and record
  • Individual room control using technolon room controller
  • Smart heating control via en:key – with no batteries and cables
  • Integration of other systems and manufacturers via EnOcean and LON


Gifhorn, Germany

  • The Gifhorn Housing Cooperative (GWG) has set itself the goal of reducing the CO₂ emissions of its housing stock by around 20 percent.

  • 105 properties with central heating generation systems are part of the GWG's portfolio.

  • With the CO₂ reduction roadmap from Kieback&Peter, the consumption of primary energy was significantly reduced.

  • The use of Qanteon CS makes it possible to achieve short-term goals such as CO₂ reduction and energy savings.

  • Among other things, Qanteon CS provides information on whether a switch to an alternative energy source such as a heat pump or district heating is possible.


Dortmund, Germany

  • Qanteon comes with integrated SMS fault message forwarding
  • Around 1,600 data points are recorded
  • DDC4200 and DDC4002 technology can be integrated at field level


Rostock Port, Warnemünde, Germany

  • Energy savings and maximum comfort: Needs-based control of the ventilation system using the DDC4000 automation system with Qanteon
  • DDC4040e controls the provision, distribution and preparation of air, water, heat and cooling resources from seven information centers
  • Global standard BACnet used for communication at the management and automation levels
  • 700 physical data points