2 in 1. Simply the best system.

Simply efficient:

Intelligent networking of energy management systems, hardware and technical systems.

Simply practical:

Hardware and browser-independent. No client-side installation needed. Not tied to a dedicated workstation.

Simply secure:

Communication exclusively via HTTPS. TÜV certification according to ISO 50001. EDL-G-compliant.

Simply brilliant:

Scalable and suitable for all system sizes.

Simply trendy:

Aesthetic and functional design in four different styles. From the traditional DIN view through high-quality variations to a system display.

Simply user-friendly:

Intuitive and easy to operate. Same interaction as with apps and websites.

Your energy savings revolution at a glance:

  • 1. System-centered display:
    Whether you’re looking for alarm management or a cost comparison, you’ll always find the same clear work environment you’ve grown accustomed to.
  • 2. Alarm monitoring in the foreground:
    For a convenient overview of the current status of the system and quick access to any piece of equipment.
  • 3. Switch between operating status and consumption data with the push of a button:
    This will allow you to know what’s going on in your system at all times, enabling you to respond at a moment’s notice and save even more energy.
  • 4. Innovative help system:
    The new “How to” area supports you in your daily tasks by providing guidance and assistance.
  • 5. Numerous design options:
    From the traditional DIN-based display to a modern 3D display – whatever your individual taste calls for.

Everyone loves Qanteon.

People are excited about Qanteon – customers, experts and specialists alike.

Björn Brecht, Head of Central Building Technology at Kieback&Peter

Björn Brecht, Head of Central Building Technology at Kieback&Peter

Customers and experts on Qanteon:

„The best way to achieve efficiency objectives is with a system that integrates building and energy management.“
Peter Wickboldt, Head of the Industrial Technology Department at the University of Rostock

Qanteon in the press.

Qanteon in the press

Perfection from A to Z.

  • The most secure access administration

    Enables the allocation of rights and roles

    Simple allocation of responsibilities

  • The most precise annual load duration curve

    Shows the power needs of a property or the power capacity of a generator

    Enables the design of a CHP unit (thermal and electric)

  • The most comprehensive availability

    Integrated failure statistics are a key tool for ensuring availability

    A series of errors may be an indication of incorrect parametrization or a sign that urgent maintenance on a
    device is required to prevent a system failure

    An overview shows the duration and severity of all events in graphical form

  • The largest benchmark

    The ideal tool for action planning and investment controlling

    Priorities can be recognized immediately by including them in a diagram

  • The best chat

    Talk with colleagues at any time

    A news program enables you to exchange news within Qanteon

    Because it is not necessary to switch systems communication is quick

    Quick and simple operation

  • The most practical consumption assessment

    Consumption is displayed in graph and table form so it can be assessed

    Periods can be compared

    Properties can be compared

    Optional weather-adjusted views

    Test function to show when and how planned savings can be realized

  • The most complete cost analysis

    Full cost transparency

    Cost drivers are identified reliably

    Comparison of periods and properties

  • The most sophisticated cost management

    Takes account of complex cost models, such as volume price, sliding price, flat price or package price

    Easy management of contracts and invoices

    Calculation of the difference between provider costs and costs calculated internally

  • The easiest online data entry

    The data logger enables data entry even at remote properties

    Modern BACnet meters can be integrated directly and without a gateway

  • The most reliable emissions calculation

    Clear presentation of emitted greenhouse gases and air pollutants

    Comparison of periods and properties

  • The fastest energy signature

    For a quick assessment of the property

    Shows changes in systems over several years

    A detection function indicates when heating and cooling are operating at the same time

  • The most innovative license model

    Clear price structure

    Low-cost entry

    Costs are not based on the size of the system

    Customers only pay for what they actually need

    Transparent license model according to DIN ISO 16484 and VDI 3814

  • The most direct notification and alarm management system

    Central alarm

    Comprehensive sorting options

    Direct link from the event to the affected system

    Quick processing with just a few clicks

    Availability of systems can be seen directly

    Quick rectification of errors and increase in system availability

  • The most comprehensive report distribution system

    Reports are distributed via email SMS or SNMP

    As many report groups as you want

    Reports can be distributed on the basis of roles according to a schedule and based on system status

    Up to 255 priority classes

    Message bursts are suppressed

  • The most flexible reports

    Predefined reports

    Tool for customizing reports

    Completely automated reporting for providing information to others

  • The broadest spectrum of users

    An ideal solution for planners, facility managers, technical directors, maintenance supervisors, investors, owners, operators, IT administrators and energy managers

    Simple in terms of acquisition, implementation and operation

    No client-side installation needed – just a workstation with a browser

    Integrates seamlessly with all modern IT environments

    Also suitable for customers who use Kieback&Peter’s DDC technology

  • The most user-friendly system operation

    System screens convey all of the information and functions needed to understand and operate the system technology

    Target values and times can be changed directly and data points for each individual component can be adapted

    Additional information, such as data sheets and maintenance instructions, can be accessed directly

    Actions such as changing alarm limits or generating historical trend logs can be initiated directly in the system screen

    System screens can also be connected via links

  • The most efficient system orientation

    The central element is the property structure

    The building, room or system that is to be monitored can be selected here

    All of the information allocated to this system can be accessed directly

    This makes it easier to work and reduces the number of clicks

    Less searching means you can finish what you need to do more quickly and work efficiently

  • The most mobile system reports

    The service scope includes 20 system reports

    Reports can be individually expanded

    Customer logos can be integrated

    Manual and automatic distribution

    Choice of system or user reports

    Reports can be exported in various formats

  • The most modern trend curve analyses

    Free choice of intervals and scaling, including assessment of the status of the system

    Quick detection of discrepancies and abnormalities

    Live detection and flexible logging

    See the specific impact of changes to settings

    No limit on the display of data points

    All property data points can be displayed in just a few clicks

    The principle of system orientation ensures that all of the trend curves for the selected system screen are displayed

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